Thomas Geiger

Peeing in Public

Peeing in public is a battle, played out on fields economical, political, technological and sexual. Moreover, it is one battle fought continuously within sphere of gender; gender equality, gender identity and gender-based violence. The question of when, where and how is certainly a preoccupation for all kinds of people. These range from the Roman Emperor Vespasian, who discovered that there is money in urine; to Xi Jinping, who announced the Toilet Revolution; or Hillary Clinton, who upon returning late to a televised debate, simply stated “well, it takes women longer”.

Titel: Peeing in Public, An inventory of the wildest urinators.

Jahr: 2020 

Material: Softcover, 96 Seiten, Design von Astrid Seme, Black Forest Library 2, Mark Pezinger Books

Größe: 10 x 14,5 cm  

Edition: 500, 6 von 10 verfügbar

Mäzene: 9,10 €  

Mitglieder: 10,40 €  

Andere: 13 ,- €



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